Products & Applications
Ways Electron' main products are widely applied in high-end automobiles, mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, industrial display, smart home and other fields.
  • Backlight Display Module
    Backlight Display Module

    Backlight applied in all LCD screens of automobile, civil use, VR/ AR, etc., with all sizes from small to large and meeting the requirements of high brightness, high uniformity, irregular shape, curved surface, thin shape, narrow frame, bottom lighting, etc.

  • Liquid Crystal Display Module
    Liquid Crystal Display Module

    Widely applied in automobile, camera, video camera and other fields

  • Display Components
    Display Components

    Automotive and civil display components

  • Touch Decorative Panel & Smart Surface
    Touch Decorative Panel & Smart Surface

    Automotive switch, smart surface display related to automotive central control system, smart home (password lock, desk and chair, etc.), intelligent electrical appliance (water heater, refrigerator, washing machine, etc.)

  • Aerial Imaging & Other New Displays
    Aerial Imaging & Other New Displays

    The product uses a special flat lens, which is set according to its light output characteristics, to present a real image of the display interface in the air without manually touching the screen and other media.

  • Rubber Products
    Rubber Products

    Duplicator, banknote counter rubber products, ATM machines and receipt printing terminal in all kinds of public places and game places.